Queen Queen Queen Queen Queen

About This Work of Art

"The energy of creativity and imagination. The energy of empathy. The Queen. A shift occurring and old ways dying. Poisonous masculinity melting in its own toxicity. A benevolent brother thriving in the path of equality. The matriarch rising in the age of Bronze, finding power again since the time of Gold. She has risen to restore balance. A new divine energy bearing the crown of collective consciousness will reign. Hail to the Queen.

This is for every girl growing up in our society inspired by the sacrifices of women before them, but fully aware that their every word and action will still be scrutinized if they speak up. For every woman who is not believed and gaslighted. For those who are afraid to speak. For those who no longer can. This is for my partner. This is for my daughter. #raiseyourfist"

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Print Specifications


20x20 Fine Art Paper Print: 1 of 50 printed.

20x20, 30x30 Canvas: 1 of 50 printed at each size.

Every Sale Plants a Tree and Commissions The Artist

Eco Friendly/Archival HP Latex Inkjet Printing Technology


Canvas Prints

  • Fine Art Stretched & Ready to Hang Canvas
  • Gallery/Museum Grade (80/20 Polyester Cotton Canvas Blend)
  • Handmade with Care from Miami, FL USA

Fine Art Paper 

  • Printed on 13x19 MOAB lasal Exhibition Luster 300 Sheets
  • Acid Free 300gsm / 11mil Alpha Cellulose Paper
  • Framed in 18x24 Acid Free Paper Mat with Backing & Clear Sheet
    About J.T. Liss

    "The moment when you feel like quitting is the moment something miraculous will happen. It’s the universe’s way of challenging you to push through the next wall to reach the next level. Keep going. See what’s on the other side of that wall."

    J.T. Liss is an internationally represented photographic artist whose uniquely layered compositions and striking photography challenge commentary of our current social constructs and tell stories of the human experience. Combined with his poetry to further accentuate his truth, the viewer is able to experience multiple complexities of creativity to question their own realities. For J.T. believes that if a new thought enters the mind, even for the briefest of moments, then change has a chance.

    His work has been featured in exhibits throughout the U.S. and internationally with several solo & small group exhibits in Barcelona, Spain & Saint Petersburg, Russia. J.T. is also a featured artist with The First City Project & Harlem Arts Festival. He has commissioned artwork at The Cecil, Harlem Public, The Honeywell, Bleu Magazine, While multiple pieces are on permanent display at his studio in East Harlem.

    Equally important is J.T.’s passion for helping others. Being in the social work and education fields for the past 18 years he has connected with grassroots nonprofits throughout the United States and created Photography For Social Change where he holds events and gallery exhibits to raise awareness for these organizations while also giving a portion of proceeds to raise money for their cause.

    See JT's Entire Collection Here