Hey everyone! Bryan here from CanvasFab.

Today I want to share with you how I see everything as content. 

I love turning things (especially bad photos) that would be overlooked or deleted, into images that serve for content. This serves as inspiration for anyone (including myself) looking for new ways to generate content. 

I took this with my Iphone 7plus Red Edition around 2018. Likely to see the perspective of a second camera angle for my podcast setup.

After some cropping & Photoshop with Camera Raw Filter:

I feel like some life was brought into the room. I kept in mind that this image is most likely to be seen on mobile devices so what's important to me is being able to make out imagery easily.

While writing this and working in Photoshop this became content for:

Image retouching: A great tool that I use for almost every image I retouch is Photoshop’s Camera Raw Filter. A quick and easy interface to use. Play with the knobs and experiment; you'll see what I mean.

Content for Canvas prints: How to play with layout and sizes. Whatever works for you: In this case I remember wanting to display the different sizes that we have to offer for printing. Another view of the podcast setup (this was our front office to greet customers as well).

Content for Specific sales: Available on our website is the Audrey Hepburn Blue Bubble Gum Piece but most importantly this brings me back to the interview I had the opportunity to do with NickJustChill as this photo was taken the day before the shoot. 


Noteworthy Pieces Mentioned Above:

Audrey Hepburn Blue Bubble Gum Piece

Water Hoops By NickJustChill