Omar Shinez  |  Piers of Florida Collection

“If you really believe in what you can do, no matter what it might be just do it…Stay persistent, write down what you want to do and have a plan.” - Omar Shinez


Alejandra Estefania  |  View Alejandra's Collection

"Be 100% on point with yourself. Be prepared to know that it’s not going to be easy. It’s going to be challenging. You’ve got to get comfortable with hearing no. The no’s make room for the people who really see your vision." Alejandra Estefania


@NickJustChill  |  View Nick's Collection

"Success is not measured monetarily, in likes, views or followers. Its about how you feel about yourself and tracking your growth." Nick Echevarria 


Carlos Suarez  |  View Carlos's Collection

"I define success as being happy and loving what you do. You don't have to be the richest or have the nicest car but be proud of what you do and the reason why you are doing it." - Carlos Suarez


Azeez Bakare  |  View Azeez's Collection

"Success to me is doing something bigger than myself that leaves an impact on others in a positive way. Success is also up to you because you create your own definition as well." - Azeez Bakare

Pierce Gainey  |  View Pierce's Collection

"Stick with it! Keep going and don't let other people shape what you do. Whatever your passion may be if it's something you love, don't be afraid to put out what you've created. Be confident in it because thats what matters! " - Pierce Gainey