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On our very first episode of CanvasFab Conversations I had the pleasure to spend some time with Omar Shinez!

CanvasFab Conversations began to simply introduce Miami locals and their work.

On this episode, the intention behind this friendly conversation was simple:

1. To personally know more about Omar and his photography


2. Support! We've put together a unique collection of curated photos. EVERY sale supports Omar and his work.  

Omar talked about Piers of Florida - a platform he created to give acknowledgement to all the piers and beaches around Florida. It shares upcoming events, the best bars and hotels around the piers of Florida.

We talked about his background and story, the importance of networking, books we've read and more!

You can find him on Instagram as Omar ShinezPiers of Florida

I won't want to spoil the interview so grab a seat and hit play! 

Until next time,

Bryan Mercado

P.S. Thanks Kate for your help behind the scenes! 

Want to support Omar? 

If you like what Omar does and would like to support him visit our collection of Piers of Florida