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Dennis Sabo Photography Collection

“Tell your own story, and you will be interesting.” -Louise Bourgeois

Dennis Sabo Photography - Head Shot and In the Field

Dennis Sabo is an internationally award winning photographer specializing in contemporary fine art abstract, landscape, and seascape photography.


A Pond Kaleidoscope


Did you always plan on being a photographer/Artist?

That’s a great question, and No I don’t think I thought of myself as a photographer even though my minor in college was photography. My first best guess that I might be considered a photographer happened after college.

One of my thesis portfolio images was pasted on a dorm room door a year after I had left the college while revisiting a friend attending. I thought, “Wow this is pretty cool.”

From that point forward the metamorphous continued from shooting as a free-lance underwater photographer to a free-lance newspaper photographer. It wasn’t until 2004 and a trip to Africa that I refined my in camera and post production skills and repositioned my artwork compositions into the fine art genre that I am most known for today.


Mount Rainer TwilightSeachronicity

Why do you have a passion for what you do?

My photographic passion is to evoke an emotional experience for the viewer and my collectors. Perhaps it is how the subject is bathed in light, perhaps it is the lines of the subject that draws you in, or simply it is an image that you enjoy viewing.

My interest is in the natural details; how the environment on a particular day, in a particular light, and at a particular moment in time correlates to my personal vision and interpretation of nature.


Dennis Sabo Tequila SunsetDennis Sabo Water By Monet

What do you consider as your strength/specialty?

I challenge myself to capture common subjects that are often overlooked and then refine the photograph into an interpretive collage of color, motion, and textures.

With a global community very much focused on environmental impact and fragile ecosystems, my artwork captures natural images and color with a perspective people easily miss.


Dennis Sabo Water ExpressionsDennis Sabo The Day Begins

Knowing EVERYTHING you know now, where do you see yourself & the world in 5 years?

Where I see myself in 5 years is recording and capturing unique nature events or microcosms of nature while introducing new in-camera and post production techniques to finalize my personal vision of nature.


Dennis Sabo That MomentDennis Sabo The Sound of Silence

Where do you get inspiration/influence?

Monet as a painter, Porter as a color photographer and Gerhard Richter as a
painter/photographer that broke conventional rules to do something different.


Dennis Sabo Rolling OnDennis Sabo Autmn Fireworks

Share something that people don't usually know about you.

I work very hard to capture the light, motion, and textures of nature. I want my final photograph to put a smile on your face, instill an emotional reaction, or have you keep coming back and saying “Wow; Look at that!

It’s my hope that I accomplish this more times than not. In my free time I continue to think about my next journey and what I can leave this world when I am gone. Good Music and fine wine helps that thought process.


Dennis Sabo Pistil FireworksDennis Sabo Whimsical Tarn

How do you define success?

Success, to me is unattainable. If you ever feel that you are successful than your creative process has ceased and deceased. Like Monet, I constantly think about color as my every day torment and I constantly think where I can push the envelope the next time in the field to create, excite, and entice my wonderful collectors throughout the world.


Dennis Sabo All A GlowDennis Sabo This Isn't Pluto

Words of encouragement for any other creatives or anyone wanting to follow a creative path.

If you are a photographer shoot images that make you happy. Happiness is the beginning point to the fuel which is your own inspiration. If you are happy you will be inspired and your body of work will benefit.

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Dennis Sabo A Pond Kaleidoscope